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Questions Apllied for Wi-Fi Bulb CCTV

Q : What type of socket is compatible for this CCTV BULB?

A: E27 Base


Q: What is the Maximum capacity of the SD CARD?

A: 128 GB


Q: What if the switch button turned off, Is the camera and light will also turn off?

A: Yes, Because main power control is on the switch button (to avoid accidentally power it off put a tape on the switch)


Q: What if i use the Wi-Fi Bulb as a hidden camera, what connection should i use?

A: you can also do the series connection if it will use as hidden camera and to avoid anyone can access it in turning it off and on.


Q: Is the Wi-Fi CCTV Bulb has an Infrared (electromagnetic radiation)?

A : Yes


Q:Is it supported for Two way Talk? e.g, having a conversation using the Wi-Fi Bulb and your phone.

A: Definitely Yes