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Caution for any types of Face ID

NOTE! any "HOT SWAP" of wiring may damage the device, and the
 warranty does not cover the damage that caused by IMPROPER OPERATIONS.
A: Connect the Power Cable when the wiring has been completed.
If the device is working abnormally, please shut down the device, and do some necessary Check Up.
B: We recommend you to use the DC 12V/3A Power Supply. 
C: Please read the Terminal and Wiring Description and Diagrams CAREFULLY before
 starting with the installations. Any damage to the device caused by improper
 operationswill not be covered under warranty.
D: Keep the exposed part of wire, less than 5mm, to avoid unexpected connection.
E: Please connect the 'GND' before starting the Installations, especially in an environment
 where static electricity is very high.
F: Do not change the type of cable in case of a Long Distance Installations.