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TVI Mobile Viewing IVMS4500

TVI Mobile Viewing (IVMS4500)

After successful installation of the software, click the symbol "" to run the software.

Region Selection: The first time you run the iVMS-4500 software, you should select the region where your device is located. Otherwise, the live view, playback and alarm notification of the device will fail.


Step 1: Click Region field and select the country from the corresponding continent.



Step 2: Click the Menu "" icon. Then click the Cloud P2P


Step 3: Register an Account If you do not have a Cloud account, you can register one. Just Click the "Register"


Step 4: Enter your email account and the picture verification code. Click Get Verification Code and enter the verification code received by your email.

Note: If the picture verification code is not clear, you can click Refresh to get a new one



Step 5: If you already received the verification code to your email. You must input the code 


Step 6: You need to create your own account. 


Step 7: Log in your user name and password that you have created a while ago.


  • Only the device that supports the Cloud service can be added.
  • The device can only be added to one Cloud account.


Step 8: Once you already scan the Qr code. You need to add the device and input the verification code. (please check the example below)









Live view camera - On the Devices interface, select a device and long press it to activate the deletion window