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In the Payroll System you have to download first the Attendance Logs of your Employees by using the Attendance Management Software.




2nd Go to Download User Info and FP, and select All Users, Including Face, High Rate ,Only Face (FACE ID) / Only Finger (Fingerprint) and click DONWLOAD.


3rd Click Download Attendance Logs, then go to AC LOG.                                                   

  4TH    Set the Dept., Name, Time Range and click Search.


5th Save the File, and create a file name to recognize your Excel File.

6th Exported File, this is the file you will be using during the Payroll System.










Step 1.


Fill-up the information under the MAINTENANCE MASTER DATA


  • Departments
  • Job Titles
  • Employee Types
  • Work Schedules
  • Other Earnings
  • Other Deductions
  • Holidays
  • Banks (if applicable)
  • Payroll Parameters  ( only Standard work hours per day and the ECOLA )


  • After you fill-up those, you may now fill-up the EMPLOYEE.


Step 2.

                        Go to the Time & Attendance

  • Upload Time logs  

NOTE:  After you upload please close the Software and re-open it again.


           Fill-up the following:

  • Period Code: Any Code you want for you to recognize the cut-off.
  • From – Until:  Range of the cut-off
  • Deduct Withholding tax? Yes/No
  • Deduct SSS Contribution? Yes/No
  • Deduct Philhealth? Yes/No
  • Deduct Pag-ibig? Yes/No
  • Financial Year: Present Year
  • Period: Month of the Cut-off
  • Payroll-Type: Regular
  • Payroll Classification: First Half/ Second Half
  • Pay Frequency: Monthly/Semi-monthly/Weekly


Then SAVE.


Step 4.   Go to Time & Attendance and select CHANGE OF WORK SCHEDULE – here you will set-up the schedule of each employee for them to recognize their schedules and to see if they are late or under time.


  • After you open select new and fill-up the ff:

  • Begin Date: Start Date of the Cut-off
  • End Date : End date of the cut-off
  • New Work Schedule: Time Schedule of the employee
  • Day off/ Rest Day : of the Employee
  • Reason:
  • Status : Approved
  • Then Save

Step 5.  GO to Time & Attendance and select GENERATE EMPLOYEE DTR


  • Payroll Period : Select the Cut-off Date
  • Dates to Generate From/To : set the Cut-off date
  • Specific Employee: Select the Employee or if you want to select all leave it blank, the Proceed.

Step 6. GO to Payroll Procedures and select GENERATE PAYROLL


Note: to check if your Attendance logs is correct you can see it at VIEW EMPLOYEE TIME RECORDS.

Just fill-out the following:


Payroll Period

Employee Name

Step 7. GO now to PAYSLIP

Report criteria:


        Payroll Period

        Payroll covered

        Department codes From/To

        Specific Employee

                Note: if you want to select all, leave it blank. Then select View Report.