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Aircon Questions


Q: How many square meters can 1.5hp handle?

A: 15 to 30 Square meters

Q: How many square meters can 2.0hp handle?

A: 31 to 40 Square meters

Q: How many square meters can 3.0hp handle?

A: 41 to 65 Square meters

Q: Poor Cooling?

A: +Air Filter is dirty

     +Ac size does not match with room

     +Termostat set

Q: Remote not working?

A: +Bad batteries

     +receiver blocked

     +bad receiver

Q: What is an outdoor unit?

A: An outdoor unit is also known as condencing unit (CU) it is normaly installed outdoor to discharge hot air.

Q: What is an indoor Unit?

A: An indoor unit is also known as fan coil unit (FCU) or blower unit, it is installed in the room and produces cold air.

Q: What is the purpose of an air purifying filter?

A:It helps  to remove the dust, pollen, cigarette smoke and odor in the room,  it provides cleaner and fresher air for healthy living.

Q: Aircon Warranty Terms and Condition?

A: 1. The Compressor of the Air Conditioning Units are covered with five (5) years warranty, other parts are covered with two (2) years warranty only.  The Installation Services are covered with one (1) month Free On-Site Service Warranty.

2. If within the warranty period for the QUBE CCTV Items, and the said free On-Site Service Warranty have been consumed, a service fee of P1,000.00 is charged for the next On-Site Services.  Transportation costs for On-Site Services outside Metro Manila will be separately charged. 

     Cleaning is not included. 

     Indoor and Outdoor Cleaning Service P 1,000.00

     Within Metro Manila.


Q:Warranty limitations: (Not covered by the warranty)


  1. Re-installation of the Air Conditioning Units due to the change of mind of the Customer;
  2. Defect of the items due to neglect or abuse from the Customer, including physical damage.
  3. Transportation, delivery, and/or incidental costs incurred in the fulfillment of the warranty;
  4. Tampered warranty sticker;
  5. Defect or damage that arise from acts of God, force majeure, fortuitous event, acts of public enemies, authority of law, riots, theft, robbery or any circumstances beyond its control; and
  6. Defect or damage due to mishandling, neglect or abuse by the Customer that resulted in the poor condition of the CCTV cables installed.
  7. Connectors and cables are not covered with a warranty.