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Boot Options Menu

      Boot options have been placed in a one menu called, Boot Options Menu. It provides you some tools and options for your Windows OS configurations. There are three ways to access it.


                This is the fastest way to access the boot options menu. Instead of restarting your PC, just find the Power Button while holding down the shift button and choose restart.

General or PC Settings

                This is the most commonly way to access boot menu. Just go to PC settings click General and press the “Advanced Startup” for Windows 8 and Press Windows Key + “I”, go to Update and Security and press Advanced Startup for Windows 10.

For Windows 8: 

For Windows 10:

Through Command Prompt

                The Final method if some case you unable to access the other two ways, type “cmd” in search textbox and hit enter, or Press “Windows key + X”. And choose Command prompt. Type this codes.

shutdown.exe /r /o

Then hit enter.

Boot option menu contains those features you have on Windows 7, like Startup Repair, Diagnostic Tool etc. Windows did some easiest and fastest way for you in order to use it better. Click Troubleshoot and choose what you want to do in your PC. Click Advanced Options. 

In the Advanced options menu, these options listed here provides you on how to Startup your Windows and how to repair your Computer.

In Startup Settings you can choose here what Windows will do in the next restart of your PC. You can choose any options here on what you want to do when you troubleshoot your PC. Click Restart to Proceed. 

In the next boot, this will show up. If you are ready to choose, press the Function buttons on the top of your Keyboard that represents the number listed on the options below. For example, if you want to enable Safe mode press F4. Press Enter to Return on Windows and Press F10 to show some more options.

There are many things that the Boot Options Menu can do to help your PC to troubleshoot the problems. It’s just like the Windows 7 repair tool but in a different way to access it.