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How to apply Recovery file in Windows 10

We try to upload this recovery file in order for you to have a personal support for this item, when the program was crashed.

In this tutorial, you can restore your Windows 10 image by applying your recovery base in this article.

Download all this apps.

Complete and all of this split files of Recovery, in this example. I have the recovery for Colonia NB

Join them using HJSplit 

Open HJSplit then click Join. 

Locate the file that has the extension name is “*.001” 

It looks like this. 

Click Start then wait until it’s done.

Locate it where do you save the output file.


The next part of this tutorial is to create a bootable disk drive that contains the recovery, and we will use it to apply them into other.

Download this document to continue in this tutorial.

When writing the image are done, proceed to the next step. I have here 2 video clips showing on how you apply the recovery disk into your unit.