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PIPO W1S - Windows 10 Tablet

Thank you for choosing the new tablet.

This guide is designed to allow users to understand and fastest familiar with our products and services. Here on the button layout and define our products to the graphic manner a brief introduction of some basic operations do some simple instructions.

I. Precautions

  1. This product is for 2000 meters’ non-tropical regions.
  2. Avoid the unit being dropped on the ground or other strong impact.
  3. Do not place in too cold area, heat must be less than 35 ℃), excessively humid, dusty environments long-term use, do not let the Tablet exposed in the sun for a long time.
  4. Try to avoid place it in some magnetic surface or on a strong electrostatic environment.
  5. Once water or other liquids spilled on the unit, you should immediately shut down the unit and wipe some dry cloth or tissue before use it again.
  6. Do not use any cleaner or other liquid containing chemical ingredients to clean the machine to avoid corrosion and moisture damage, if it’s necessary, use a soft, dry cloth or paper towel.
  7. The Company's software and hardware were non-normal operation, the machine data loss or other unforeseen circumstances lead to repair or remove is not responsible for, nor bear the losses caused.
  8. Please feel free to back up your important data to avoid loss.
  9. Do not disassemble the unit, otherwise it will lose warranty rights.
  10. This product supports most of the major brands on the 3G DONGLE card, there may be differences in 3G Dongle,

We recommend that you test first the item OK before you buy.

II. Products specification



Function Description





10.1 inches; resolution 1920 * 1200;16:10; 10-point touch





Cherry trail, Z8300 (Quad-Core) 1.84GHz





32GB / 64GB (optional)









Compatibility Mode

HDTV compatible, USB headphone jack



















III. Key layout and definitions

1. Front Camera

2. WINDOWS key

3. Keyboard Interface

4. Rear Camera

5. Volume plus / minus (+) / (-)

6, Power button

7. MIC

8. Headphone jack

9. USB interfaces

10. HMDI interface

11. USB interfaces

12. DC Interface/ Power Supply Port

13. Speaker


IV. Keyboard Description and Application


○ 1 Movable base keyboard interface: This interface includes some magnets, to be more easy to align and secure link tablet and keyboard.

○ 2 Keyboard form: full-size QWERTY keyboard set button and provides excellent typing comfort.

○ 3 TouchPad: the same used to control the cursor, and mouse functions on the tablet.

○ 4 Base: Tablet PC folding base.


V. Desktop Introduction

  1. Windows 10 Start screen

On the Start screen, you can see in the picture many fixed programs, these applications to "tile" is displayed, just one click, you can easily access. In the application before it is fully running Microsoft need to log in to your account.

1.PC mode interface:

Tablet mode interface:

VI. Interface Description:

VII. Bluetooth connection

1. Open the Settings - Device - Bluetooth - Turn on Bluetooth

2. Open the required matching Bluetooth device

After the match the two devices will show a successful connection, this time on the taskbar flat machine at a small arrow will appear as shown:

Click to select Bluetooth, you can see there are settings, such as shown in the image.


You can also perform multi-task well using these features. Tap the Tablet mode

And Click this icon.

You can see your other task just like when you do the Alt-tab key.

Moved one window in the other side to make your other windows see as well.

The Store

Sign-in into your Microsoft account in order for you to use the Store. You need Microsoft account to give you some notifications and updates for your apps.

Some games available on Store can be download and play:

Office Mobile

These are one of the default apps here in the W1S. Here you can create documentations, reports and presentation just like the Office suits. This will serve as your Mini Office app. You need also to sign-in with your Microsoft Account to use them. 

Word Mobile -  You can create Documentations here. 

PowerPoint Mobile – Can do some presentations.

Excel Mobile – Can perform and do some reports.

These can call it Mini because some features of advanced Office won’t be use. Some features there you’d know about MS office are not found on them. The files and documents that you created will be saved directly into you OneDrive automatically. So even you accidentally closed the Office, it will automatically save into your OneDrive directly without asking you.