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How to set IP address to Omninas ?

The OMNINAS must be configured and setup before use. Two connection methods are supported:
• Switch/router to OMNINAS
• Direct PC/laptop to OMNINAS
STEP 1. Connect one end of the provided LAN cable to the LAN port on the OMNINAS.
STEP 2. Connect the other end to a LAN port on the DHCP enabled router, see following figure.
STEP 3: Set your PC/Laptop’s IP settings to match the network subnet group of the OMNINAS.
(OMNINAS default IP settings:
(Configure your PC to these settings: 169.254.XX.X (Whereas XX represents a number from 1 to 254, and X represents a number from 1 to 254 other than 200).
STEP 4: Connect one end of the LAN cable to the OMNINAS
STEP 5: Connect the other end to your PC, see following figure

Does Omninas Rechargeable ?

No! KD20 is not rechargeable it needs power supply to be able to used like any electrical appliances.