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Frequently Problem and it's Solution

Some Problems and Solutions:


  • The load do not work :

(a)    Please check if the connection-wiring of power and load is correct.

(b)    Please check if the load is good.

(c)    Please check if the working light sets corresponds to ambient light.


  •  The Sensitivity is poor;

(a)    Please check if there has hindered in front of the detection window to effect to receive the signal.

(b)   Please check if the ambient temperature is too light.

(c)    Please check if the induction signal source is in detection fields.

(d)    Please check if the installation height corresponds to the height showed in the instruction .

(e)    Please check if the moving orientation is correct.


  • The Sensor cannot shut off the load automatically.

(a)     Please check if there is continual signal in the detection field.

(b)    Please check if the time delay is the longest.

(c)    Please check if the power corresponds to the instruction.


(d)   Please check if the temperature near the sensor changes obviously, such as air condition or  central heating etc.