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How to configure IP address filtering on my netis?

What is IP filtering ?

If you like to limit some computer in accessing the internet via the router, you can set IP address filtering to achieve it. 

STEP 1: You should set an static IP address on your computer, otherwise the IP address filtering won’t be efficient as it may obtain different IP address every time on your computer. 
STEP 2: Open the web browser and type the IP address of the router (default into the address bar, then press enter.
STEP 3: After successfully logging-in, you can see some pages, then click on the Advance button.
STEP 4: Go to Access control  ->  IP filtering, you can see the following page.

For example:

If you just want to allow the computer with IP address in accessing the internet and the others are denied. You can set the IP filtering as: Select the status as ENABLE, the filtering rule will deny the network access for the devices (IP address) not  listed below. 

Then those computers whose IP address are set in the rules will have the right to access in the internet. 

The IP filtering rule settings set like: description, you can type anything you like, rule select permit source host select specific hosts, and type the computers IP address bar. click the add button. 

After, Clicking the Add button, you can view this rule in the IP filtering List.

(Now the computer with IP address can access the internet successfully, and the other clients that is not in the rule list cannot access the internet)

If you just want to open some services for the computer, please set service port for example, you just want the computer or which IP address is to open the web page, please set 80 on port if service port of web is 80 click add button to save it.