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How to Install harddisk to Omninas ?

Hardware Installation: 
This section includes information to help you install the hard drives in the OMNINAS before you
can begin using your storage device.
To prevent data loss or damage to the system, power down your device before removing a
STEP 1. If your system is not powered down, press the Power button for three (3) seconds until an
audible beep sounds and the LED starts to blink.
STEP 2. On the bay cover, press in the indicator to open the cover. The cover pops open.
STEP 3. Extend the cover to allow access to the HDD trays.
STEP 4. Pull the tray release to unlock the hard disk tray. The HDD slides out if unlocked.
STEP 5. Grasp the tray and slide it out.
STEP 6. Place the tray on a clean surface.
STEP 7. Position the HDD as indicated in the following illustration.
STEP 8. Make sure the new HDD is facing up and the connectors are positioned outward.
STEP 9. Insert the new HDD into the tray.
STEP 10. Secure with the provided screws.
STEP 11. Turn the HDD assembly over making sure the This side up label is facing up, see following figure.
STEP 12. Slide the HDD assembly into place until it is flush in the bay.
STEP 13.  HDD tray must be flush with the bay, see following illustration