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How to Install the Program Using CD

You'd better turn off all the other programs before installing, to avoid collision during the installing process.

Note: the following demonstration software version may be not identical with your CD contents, please follow the CD installing process.

1. Insert the CD into your CD-ROM, the installation program will run automatically.

2. The software supports Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English, select the language you want to install, and click "OK" button to enter the Welcome window:

Tips: click "Cancel" button to abort installation.

3. Click "Next" button on the Welcome window to enter the License Agreement window, please read carefully. Choose "I accept the agreement", and click "Next" button to enter the next installing process:

4. In this interface you can select the installing directory of the software, Click "Next", enter the next step:

5. In this step you can choose which component you want to install, such as Fingerprint reader driver and Attendance Management. Click on "" if you need it (recommend selecting all components except it has been installed), then click on "Next", go to the next page:

6. In this interface, you can change the name and decide where to place the program's shortcuts. Click "Next", turn to the next step:

7. Suggest using the defaults and then click "Next" button, turn to the next step:

8. Click "Install" button. The software start to install and copy the files to the hard disk until the fingerprint reader driver start to install. If you didn't select to install it at step 5, the process will turn to step 10 and end the installation.

9. This interface will inquire you to select components to install, we recommend selecting them all, then clicking on "Next", entering the next step;

10. The fingerprint reader driver start installing, when the process is completed, the dialog box will inquire you to restart the computer now or later. The driver will work when the computer restarted.

11. Click "Finish" to complete the installation.

The shortcuts will appear on the windows, click this icon    on the desktop to enter software.