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Warranty Policies

Important details


1. All items that are claimed for warranty should carry-in the defective items to QUBE accompanied by this WARRANTY SLIP. Without it, the company reserves the right to decline the exchange of the items. 


2. Each item released by QUBE shall be identified with a warranty sticker indicating the month, day and year made by the sales representative.

Tampering the sticker will automatically void the warranty of the item. 

3Warranty Limitations: (Not covered by the warranty) 

        a)  Physical damage such as burn, cracks, chipped corners, rust, corrosion and                     insect’s dung / urine; 

        b)  Transportation, delivery and/or incidental costs incurred in the fulfillment of the                        warranty; 

        c)  Defects or damage arising from computer virus/worm attacks; 

        d)  Loss of data during repair or check up procedures; 

        e)  FREE items such as surge protector etc. 
        f)   Defect or damage that arise from acts of Gods' force, nature, fortuitous events,                    acts of public enemies, authority of law, riots, theft, robbery or any circumstances                beyond its control;
       g)  Defect or damage due to mishandling, neglect or abuse by the customer.
4. Items pulled out for replacement or repair shall have a lead time of no more than 60 days. In case the supplier failed to return the said item, QUBE will provide a service unit for the customer. Unclaimed repaired / replaced items after 30 days shall be charged with Php 500.00 storage fee per month. If still unclaimed after 3 months, the item will be considered as abandoned and QUBE will have the right to dispose the product. 


 5. Sales Return Policy: 

          a) If found defective, replacement / exchange are allowed within three days upon                    purchase, free of charge.

              However if the customer wanted to replace or exchange the said product for                        some reason that is unacceptable to the Company, the customer agrees to pay the
              restocking fee amounting to 10% of the total purchased amount. 
          b) Items that are exchanged outside the three-day period shall be penalized a                           restocking fee of 15%.
               An additional of 5% per week will be charged on the succeeding week (e.g.20%                   on the second week, 25% on the third week and so on)In the event of price drop                 or price increase, the computation shall be done on the original purchased price.
          c)  Only items that have their complete accessories (boxes, CD driver and manuals) 
               in pristine condition shall be honored for exchange.
          d)  The company reserves the RIGHT to decline any return or exchange of items                       when deemed necessary.
6. For CCTV installation service warrant, we offer three (3) on-site visits FREE OF CHARGE. Regular charges apply for the succeeding requests for on-site visits.
In case of litigation arising from this transaction, the courts of Quezon City shall have jurisdiction and all legal cost shall be for the account of the customer. Interest at 24% per annul will be charged on overdue accounts. Title to the merchandise remains the property of the seller until it has been fully paid. QUBE is not responsible for any loss of income, delayed work, and other damages that may arise during the service warranty period.