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What’s the difference between GSM, SMS and GPRS?

A:  - GSM (Global System for Mobile communication)  is circuit switched. If the Qube GPS unit sends data via GSM, a channel is reserved (just like for voice communication) and data is transmitted. You’re charged for the time the channel is reserved.


- SMS is a short message that’s send via the GSM network and can contain about 140 characters. For large amounts of data or for messages with short time-intervals this is usually not the best option to choose for speed and financial reasons.


- GPRS (General packet radio service (GPRS) is ‘always on’ and packet switched. Data is sliced into packets and transmitted through the GSM network. This is faster and cheaper because network capacity is used more effectively. You’re charged for the amount of data that’s being transported, not for the time that the unit is online.