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Common Questions about Nut 3

Q: What is the application for NUT Find 3?

A: Nut for Android and iPhone.


Q: How far is it possible to connect to the phone using the NUT TRACKER?

A: 1. 10 – 20 Meters in home or office with blocking.

     2. 20 – 50 Meters in outdoor for open area.


Q: What if the Nut can’t detect your phone even the phone is near to the tracker?

A: 1. Restart your “NUT” app.

     2. Restart phone Bluetooth.

     3. Restart your phone.

     4. Replace you battery when you use it more than 2months.


Q: How many Trackers can be paired with one phone?

A: 1. 4 trackers for one “android phone” simultaneously.

     2. 6 trackers for one “iPhone” simultaneously.


Q: What if I Cannot received any notification from the Nut app on my iPhone?

A: 1. Make sure you quit nut app manually.

2. Check Settings- Notifications – Nut, then allow Nut app to send you          notifications.

3. Double check your Bluetooth if it is on.


Q: What if I Cannot received any notification from the Nut app on my Android?

A: 1. Check Battery save settings on your phone and add NUT app to white name list         or protected apps to send you notifications.

     2. Restart your phone.


Q: How to delete Nut?

A: 1. Tap Nut device.

     2. Tap settings button.

     3. Tap Delete.


Q: Can the Nut used by another account after deletion?

A: 1. Once you delete a nut device into one account, you can used it to another                   account again.

     TAKE NOTE! If you force to delete NUT while it is disconnected, This nut is                     locked, and can only be unlocked to the original account.


Q: How long is the warranty for luggage?

A: 1 Year warranty.