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Common Questions : Nut3

Q: What is the application for NUT Find 3?

A: 1. Nut for Android and iPhone.


Q: How Far is connecting from tracker to phone?

A: 1. 10 – 20 Meters in home or office with blockings.

     2. 20 – 50 Meters in outdoor for open area.


Q: Nut can’t detect your phone even your phone is near in device?

A: 1. Restart your “NUT” app.

     2. Restart phone Bluetooth.

     3. Restart your phone.

     4. Replace you battery when you use it more than 2months.


Q: How many Trackers can be paired with one phone?

A: 1. 4 trackers for one “android phone” simultaneously.

     2. 6 trackers for one “iPhone” simultaneously.


Q: Cannot received notification from Nut app on you iPhone?

A: 1. Make sure you quit nut app manually.

2. Check Settings- Notifications – Nut, then allow Nut app to send you          notifications.

3. Double check your Bluetooth if it is on.


Q: Cannot received notification from Nut app on you Android?

A: 1. Check Battery save settings on your phone and add NUT app to white name list or                        protected apps to send you notifications.

     2. Restart your phone.


Q: How to delete Nut?

A: 1. Tap Nut device.

     2. Tap settings button.

     3. Tap Delete.


Q: Can Nut used by another account after delete?

A: 1. Once you delete a nut device into a one account, you will used it to another                                    account again.

     2: TAKE NOTE: If you force to delete NUT while it is disconnected, This nut is locked, and                 can only be unlocked to the original account.

Q: How long the warranty for luggage?

A: 1 Year warranty.