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Command For SimCard

(not yet done)

When an Authorized number call tracker , 
it will hang up and report a real time GPS-info as below:

F (battery)
V (voltage) [charging status]
 Signal (type of fix GPS)
Imei(imei number)

STEP 1: [Initialiazation] send SMS "begin+Password" to tracker it will reply "begin ok"
and initialized all settings.

STEP 2: [Authorization] only 5 numbers can be Authorized numbers.
send SMS  "admin+Password+PhoneNumber" to set up first authorized number. only the first authorized number can be set up other uthorized number. if one number is successfully authorized, tracker will reply SMS as "admin ok"

STEP 3: Send SMS noadmin+Password+Space+Authorized Phone Number  to delete the authorized number.

STEP 4: Imei Checking  send SMS imei+Password to the unit to check the imei number of the unit.

STEP 5: (Monitoring Mode Surveillance mode) "Monitor+PassWord" tracker responds to you monitor ok! and switch itself into "Monitoring Mode" when you call the tracker you can hear voices and sounds around the tracker.

STEP 6; (Two Way Audio)  send "Talk+Password" when you call the tracker you can communicate the one who responsible to the tracker.