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Creating Recovery Drive

     If you need some help to troubleshoot your PC or repair it, you may have likely use this kind of way to repair your PC. It is frequently used in Windows 8 and 10. It is easier now to troubleshoot your PC because of this tool. You can refresh and reset your PC using this without using any system repair disc. You can also make this as a copy of your current OS and use it again in case you want to format or re-install your OS.

     Before you proceed, make sure you don’t have any files stored in your disk, it will overwrite the files contains the Disk. So be careful. If possible transfer it in other storage disk and copy it again if you are done in this activity.

First Open the Create Recovery Drive in Control Panel. Type “Recovery Drive” in search box.

Next, this window will show, click Next to proceed.

Then wait until it loads and read the available USB drive.

This windows shows all the available USB drives in your PC. In my example, I have one here.

Next windows will show a warning about transferring the copy of your System in the USB disk, as I said earlier, make sure it don’t have any files stored in the Disk because it will overwrite it. Click Create.

Wait until it is done.

It will take some hours to finish this.

Look in your drive if its looks like this.