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How to port forward ?

STEP 1:  Go to RUN, Search 'CMD' then enter.
After you click  type" ipConfig then enter again you will see your IP address.

STEP 2: After you get your IP address given by the CMD click New Tab and search the IP address.

STEP 3: After you search the IP Address You will see the network Log in, Allow you to configurate setting to the router.

 STEP 4:  Then, Click "Forwarding"

STEP 5: Click Add new to set the service Port.

STEP 6: Add the Port numbers in the blank Space below.

STEP 7:  Open back CMD for you to see again the IP .

STEP 8: Copy the IPV4 Address 

STEP 9:  Paste it to "IP ADDRESS"

STEP 10: And Click Save the Port Forwarding setting.