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How to Install CCTV ?

STEP 1: Look the right location for the cameras before you install. look where the roof meets the wall of the house.this is usually a good location.

STEP 2: This location shelters the cameras for the rain sun and most important from the glaze also when you placing the camera up high gives you a good angle of view that will minimize the risk of vandalism.

STEP 3: Another advantage when your running cables it makes installation easier because may homes has a gap of hole where cables can be ran.

STEP 4: Cabling the ideal cable to use is industry Standard RG59 or UTP Cable. 

STEP 5:  If you purchase the RG59 cable with BNC connection already attached to the line.

STEP 6:  Most house have an attic which is a great place to run all your RG59 Cable from the attic designed one location for your DVR and Monitor.

STEP 7:  You can purchased a Multi power adapter and plug camera power cable in.

STEP 8: Sharing someone help to hold your ladder.