Dual Boot

Android & Windows 10

           In order for you to use and operate this item. We included here all the detailed information you may need to know about this device. If you have any other concerns, please let us know.


  • Link wireless WiFi (Ethernet), desktop tablet + windows set-top box
  • Processor Intel Z3736F, high frequency up to 2.16GHz core processor
  • can support a variety of television



Buttons, Slots, Description
1) Figure 1: Antenna
2) illustrates 2: TF card
3) illustrates 3: miniUSB Interface
4) illustrates 4,10,11: USB Interface
5) illustrates 5: HDMI Interface
6) Scheme 6: Ethernet Interface
7) illustration 7: DC Interface
8) illustration 8: switch button
9) illustration 9: volume key
10) illustrates 12: headphone jack
11) illustrates 13: Display


Product Specifications:

Specs                Functions
Display              7 inches; resolution 1280 * 800: 5 point touch
Processor          clocked at 1.83GHz intel3736F
Storage             32GB
DDR2                2GB
WIFI Link          2.4GHz (5GHz) band WiFi signal
Interface           HDMI and USB
Compatibility    Compatible HDTV


•    Use a Power adaptor with a 12V and not more than 2.4amp
•    Press the power button to boot
•    Setup Ethernet and Wifi
•    Use a HDMI cable for HDTV



Item and Accessories


Android 4.4.4 Kitkat

4GB Storage and 1GB+ Shared RAM

Default Apps

  • Browser
  • Calculator
  • Calendar
  • Chrome
  • Clock
  • Downloads
  • Drive
  • Email
  • File Manager
  • Gmail
  • Google Settings
  • Google+
  • Keep
  • Maps
  • News & Weather
  • Google Photos
  • Google Play Services
  • Music Player
  • Playstore
  • Search App
  • Settings
  • Youtube

Passed in 3D Mark

Windows 10

Here’s what you will see inside of the Desktop. The version of the Windows 10 is on the latest, so no more wait to upgrade your OS into the latest.

Storage: 20GB – other partition gives to Android Partition. The Actual size of this device is 24GB. Android and Windows10, other spaces occupied of other System processes and caches.

RAM: 2GB – The RAM stays on its actual size in Windows.