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notes for Peephole

1: Recommend energy alkaline batteries. Please make sure the battery polarity(+.-) is in the right place when installing the batteries.

2: Do not leave the product on uneven or unstable surfaces, to prevent damage caused by falling. Please be careful when handling the outdoor parts to prevent bump.

3: Do not violent shock, vibration, or throw the peephole viewer, do not press the hard on LCD display area, beat or scratch,otherwise it will cause damage to the LCD panel or leakage;

4: Do not place the product on high temperature, high humidity or lot of dust, salt spray and other harsh environment, do not exposed to rain, which may result in malfunction.

5: Please install the Micro-SD card before the batteries installation and click the micro SD. the device can't recognize the micro-SD, if the Micro-SD card inserted after the batteries installation.

6: Please take ultra-care to the wire (FPC) when installing the indoor part, don't pull too hard to prevent the wire (FPC) breaking.