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How to adjust your korean Mesh Chair OFXCH-1

How To Gas LIft ?

The Gas Lift helps you to modify relation to height of desk. If you want to Increase the height of your chair just press down the tilt adjustment.

How To Recline ?

If you want More sloping position on your chair rotate your adjustment into positive sign while if you want to bring it back to original position rotate negative sign,

If you are someone who suffers from any kind of back pain, a recliner chair could be the answer to your problems it provide immediate relief from pain.

How To Seat Slide Your Chair ?

 There has "unlock/lock" you will see in the left side of mesh Chair 

If You unlock that and pull yourself forward the chair will be slide forward too, this position will be very important to those who want to relaxed themselves.

What is the weight limit of OFXCH-1 ?

Our OFXCH-1 have weight limit up to 300 lbs.