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How to reset password ?


STEP 1- . Unplug all connections from the back of the DVR  such as:

 LAN Cable from ISPConnection from camerasAudio Mic Video Out  

Except  Mouse, Monitor and power supply


STEP 2- Open the cover of the  DVR

STEP 3-  Remove the CMOS battery

STEP 4-  Power On  the DVR

STEP 5- Enter a password

Username: As given

Fill up the password with 668648

Then right click, go to the Main menu > ADVANCE > ACCOUNT> set one of the accounts for ex: ADMIN then click MODIFY PASSWORD.

It goes like this:

*Username: admin

 Old password: 668648

 New password: admin

 Confirm: admin

Then save

*Username: 888888

 Old password: 668648

 New password: 888888

Confirm: 888888

Then save

*Username: 666666

  Old password: 668648

  New password: 666666

 Confirm: 666666

 Then save all the setting done.

STEP 6-  Return the CMOS battery and Restart the DVR.

STEP 7- Plug in all the connection to the DVR.