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How to configure MAC address filtering on my netis ?

What is MAC filtering address ? 

Sometimes we want to limit some computers in the LAN to access internet, you can set Mac Address filter to achive it.


STEP 1: You should know the MAC address of the computers which you want to limit access the internet, you can check it on the computers with command prompt. Click Start -> Run Type CMD and click Ok button


Type Ipconfig/all at the prompt window, press enter, it will show the mac address of this computer.


STEP 2: Open the web browser and type the IP address of the router (Default into the address bar, then press enter


STEP 3: After successfully log in, you can see the following page, and click Advanced.


STEP 4: Go to access control -> MAC filtering, you can see the page as below.


For Example:

If you just would like to allow a computer with MAC address is B8-88-E3-E6-FA-7D to access the internet from 09.00 am to 21:00pm every day, you can see the MAC address filtering as below.



Select the status is enable, filtering rule select deny the network access for the devices (MAC ADDRESS) not listed below. Then only those computers whose MAC address are set in the rules will have the right to access the internet, click on Save button . 

The MAC  filtering rule settings you can set as below, and the computer with other MAC address cannot access the internet. Now the computer with MAC B8-88-E3-FA-7D only can access the internet between 19:00 21:00pm.