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Questions Related to NVR and Installation

Q.) How many cameras are supported of NVR?

A.) Qube servers support 4, 8, 16 and 32 camera configurations.


Q.) How many Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras can we connect to the System?

A.) All cameras in the system can be PTZ cameras.


Q.) Does NVR support IP cameras?

A.) Yes, but depending on the maximum resolution supported.


Q.) How many Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras can we connect to the System?

A.)  All cameras in the system can be support PTZ cameras as long as it is IP Camera.


Q.) What is the minimum bandwidth requirement for the system?

A.) Generally its 256 Kbps is the minimum expected bandwidth for reasonably good video monitoring experience


Q.) Can we connect an output of the NVR to TV monitors?

A.) Yes. There is 1 Video out interface from the Qube NVR which can be connected to a TV monitor BUT Some of NVR has an HDMI and VGA ONLY.


Q.) Can we have remote recording of data on Network Attached Storage (NAS)?

A.) Yes. Qube NVR supports recording to NAS devices.


Q.) How many users can be log in to the system at the same time?

A.) 128 Users


Q.) Which OS is used in Qube NVR?

A.) Qube NVR is based on a Linux platform for stability and reliability. The remote client can be operated from any Windows machine.


Q.) What kind of camera are supported by Qube NVR?

A.) Any camera with a NTSC output is supported.


Q.) Can we control Qube NVR from a remote place?

A.) Yes. Qube NVR can be connected through the Internet or through the Local Area Network (LAN) / Wide Area Network (WAN)


Q.) What will happen if the inbuilt hard drive gets full?

A.) The system will recycle itself and the oldest recorded data will over-write.(first in-first out)


Questions related to installation


Q.) What type of connectors is required to connect the camera cables to the NVR?

A.) RJ45 Connectors.


Q.) Does every camera require a separate power supply?

A.) Yes.


Q.) What is the specification for PTZ camera power supply?

A.) 12V AC, 5 Amp.


Q.) What type of monitor should be connected to the system?

A.) It is advisable to connect a 15" monitor with a minimal resolution of 1280 x 1024


Q.) How long is the Poe switch supported each Poe camera?

A.) 50 meters


Q.) How to setup Poe switch Hub from the DVR to the camera?

A.) First, Plug the LAN cable to the Ethernet Port of the NVR then plug the LAN cable to Poe switch Hub to make it connected.

Last, Plug all the Camera to Poe Ports of the Switch Hub.


Q.) How to Add Device / Edit IP Address?

A.) Right Click - Main Menu - Remote Device / IP Search.

A.) First, edit the IP address each camera from using "modify" to and the other camera to 102,103,104,105,106,107,109 so on and so far.

A.) Then, click the add device and the cameras online in a few seconds.


Q.) How to Change IP camera in using PC based?


-  Plug your IP camera to your PC, go to Internet explorer then type the default IP ( then hit enter.

- After web server appear, log in by using (username: admin / password: admin)

-  go to set up, under network (TCP/IP)

- change the default IP then save.