Make sure you have enough space for installation and maintenance.

It is recommended to ensure enough space between the unit and the walls.


Height limits of indoor and outdoor units.

  • Either the indoor unit or the outdoor unit can be higher, but the height difference must comply the stated requirements.
  • Try to reduce the bending of the piping line as much as possible to avoid negative impacts to the performance of the units.


Selection of Position for Outdoor Unit Installation
  1. Install/place the Outdoor Unit where in it can be stand and will not cause loud vibrations and noises;
  2. Install/place the unit at the places where in it will not be exposed to rain or direct sunlight, and with good ventilation.
  3. Install/place the Unit where it can hide the noises from the Unit that can affect the neighborhood.
  4. Do not Install the Unit on Non-Metal Frame.
  5. Do not Install the Unit near to those things that has inflammable gases.
  6. Pay attention to the drainage of the condensed water from the base plate during operations to avoid the air outlet being directly against the wind.
Detailed Space Requirements Around the Outdoor Unit


Equipment Installation of Indoor Unit


Equipment Installation of outdoor unit


Notes on installation of quick coupler:


Air purging


Gas leakage inspection

After the pipeline connection is done,use a leakage inspection device or soap suds to carefully check if there is any leakage at the joints.This is an important step to ensure the quality of installation.Once a leakage is detected,proper treatment should be taken immediately.


Connection of power cable

Finishing touches
Use thermal tube to wrap the joints, and wrap the tube tightly with Ethylene Tapes.
Fix the wrapped pipelines on the exterior wall with clamps.
Fill the gaps that left, over by the pipeline hole and wall hole to prevent the rain-water from entering.
Test running
Connect to the power source,check if the function selection keys on the remote controller are working properly.
Check if the room temperature adjustments and timer settings are working properly.
Check if draining is smooth.
Check if there is any abnormal noise or vibration during operation.
Check if there is a leakage of refrigerant.
Is the unit installed correctly?
Appropriate Position for installation
Do not install the unit in places where has Inflammable gases that can leak.
Splashes a lot of OIL
In case where the unit is used in such places as poisonous or sultry gases are generated or seaside district exposed to sea breezes corrosion, those may cause malfunction of the unit.
Consult with your distributor .
Air conditioners' body and remote controller must be I m(39-3/4") or more away from a TV or a radio.
Drain the dehumidified water from the indoor unit to a place which it will drains well .
Pay Attention to the Operation Noise
When installing the unit, choose a place where it can be stand and will not cause loud vibrations and noises, Especially when there is a possibility that the vibration can be transmitted to the house. Fix the unit by inserting attached vibration - proof pads between the unit and fittings.

Choose a place where in hot air and operation noise from the outlet of the Outdoor Unit will not annoy the neighborhood.

Things left near the outlet and inlet of the outdoor unit cause malfunction or increased operation noise. Do not leave obstacles near the outlet and inlet.

If irregular sound is heard during operation, consult with your distributor.


Inspection and Maintenance

According to the service conditions and operating environment, the inside of the air conditioner will become dirty after several seasons (3 to 5 years ) of service, resulting in decreased operating performance.

Inspection and maintenance are recommended in addition to usual cleaning

(The air conditioner can be used for a longer period and without anxiety.)

As to inspection and maintenance services, consult your dealer or any of the business offices related to the item. 

(Service charge is required in this case.) 

We recommend to perform inspection and maintenance during off seasons.


Self Diagnosis Functions

Our company provides thoughtful services for customer, air conditioners had been installed self diagnosis system to display the information for the units.‚Äč


Note! Above self check information is commonly applicable in our most air conditioners,but some are special,you can refer to the User's Manual for information or contact QUBE-4107823 or authorized maintenance people for help.