* Make sure of enough space for installation and maintenance.

  • To take into consideration the operational convenience and safety in installation, it is recommended to ensure enough space between the unit and the walls.

* Height limits of indoor and outdoor units.

  • Either the indoor unit or the outdoor unit can be higher, but the height difference must comply the stated requirements.
  • Try to reduce the bending of the piping line as much as possible so as to avoid possible negative impacts upon the performances of the units.


*Selection of installation positions for outdoor unit*
* To install the outdoor unit at the places which can stand the load of the machine weight and will not cause big vibrations and noises;
* To install the unit at the places not to be exposed to rain or direct sunshine, and the places with good ventilation;
* The noises generated from the unit will not affect the neighboring places;
* Do not install the unit on non-metal frame;
* Not to install the unit at the places where there might occur the generation, inflow, stay or leakage of inflammable gases;
* Pay attention to the drainage of the condensed water from the base plate during operations;
* To avoid the air outlet being directly against the wind.
*Detailed space requirements around the outdoor unit

*Installation fixture of indoor unit*

* Inspections:

*Installation fixture of outdoor unit*

*Notes on installation of quick coupler:

*Air purging*

*Gas leakage inspection*

After the pipieline connection is done,use a leakage inspection device or soap suds to carefully check if there is any leakage at the joints.This is an imporant step to ensure the quality of installation.Once a leakage is detected,proper treatment should be taken immediately.

*Connection of power cable*

*Finishing touches *
* Use thermal tube to wrap the joints and wrap the tube tightly with ethylene tapes.
* Fix the wrapped pipelines on the exterior wall with clamps.
* Fill in the gaps left over by the pipeline hole and wall hole to prevent rain-water from entering.
* Test running*
* Connect to the power source,check if the function selection keys on the remote controller are working properly.
* Check if the room temperature adjustments and timer settings are working properly.
* Check if the drain is smooth.
* Check if there is any abnormal noise or vibration during operation.
* Check if there is leakage of refrigerant.
* Is the unit installed correctly? *
* Suitable Installation Position
*Isn't there anything which prevents ventilation or obstructs operation in front of the indoor unit ?
Do not install the unit following place .
*Inflammable gases may leak .
*Oil splashes a lot .
*In case where the unit is used in such places as poisonous or sultry gases are generated or seaside district exposed to sea breezes corrosion may cause malfunction . Consult with your distributor . *Air conditioner body and remote controller must be I m(39-3/4") or more away from a TV or a radio. Drain the dehumidified water from the indoor unit to a place which drains well .
*Pay attention to operation noise
*When installing the unit , choose a place which can stand the weight of the unit well and does not increase the operation noise or vibration . Especially where there is a possibility that vibration be transmitted to the house , fix the unit by inserting attached vibration -proof pads between the unit and fittings .

*Choose the place where hot air and operation noise from the outlet of the outdoor unit do not annoy the neighborhood .                                         *Things left near the outlet and inlet of the outdoor unit cause malfunction or increased operation noise . Do not leave obstacles near the outlet and inlet .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        *If irregular sound is heard during operation , consult with your distributor .

*Inspection and Maintenance

*According to the service conditions and operating environment , the inside of the air conditioner will become dirty after several seasons (3 to 5years ) of service , resulting in decreased operating performance .Inspection and maintenance are recommended in addition to usual cleaning (The air conditioner can be used for a longer period and without anxiety .)                                                                                                                            *As to inspection and maintenance , consult your dealer or any one of business offices of dealing companies .(Service charge is required in this case .)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             *We recommend to perform inspection and maintenance during an off seasons.

*Self Diagnosis Functions*

Our company provides the thoughtful services for customer,air conditioners had been installed self diagnosis system to display the information for the units.‚Äč

Note:Above self check information is commonly applicable in our most air conditioners,but some are special,you can refer to the User's Manual for information or contact QUBE-4107823 or authorized maintenance people for help.